24 August, 2014

After a rare two days off

Today was home practice.

I had wanted to do yoga on one of the two days, but the schedule just didn't make it possible, with traveling out of town for the weekend. My mat was with me, but I didn't make the time. It's hard for me to feel like I didn't do a bad thing by skipping the extra day. But sometimes it happens. I worry that if I did that more often than rarely, it would start a new pattern.

But today, I was back to the practice, glad to be doing yoga, especially after a very long drive in horrible traffic today. It felt good to do it, and I was rested. The pain in my low back seems to be subsiding, and I am moving away from the constant ibuprofen. But still, I will be extremely careful over the coming weeks, with the upcoming travel, time zone shifts, long international flights, etc. It's important to be careful always. But, after a mini episode like last week's. I need to treat every practice as if I am nursing that injury, whether it is hurting or not.

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