12 July, 2014

Yoga in France

Today was vinyasa in France.

Another country on the list. I can't recall if I did yoga in England, but I think I did. So that would make, let's see... well, at least 5 countries, if I am not mistaken. Maybe six. Wow-wee.

Anyway, felt pretty rested, and felt reasonably positive about making the time today. We took it slow today and had plenty of time to relax. Went back to vinyasa, and didn't feel like anything was too much. Even did Wheel, which I usually find lots of excuses to avoid, home practice being one of those excuses, for reasons that are not clear (maybe it's that I don't usually do it if nobody is telling me to do it).

Today was a reasonably centered day. Whereas the last several days of this blog have had a really central theme of "off-the-mat" elements, today, there's really not much reflected that is worth noting. Unless you want to consider the fact that today was a pretty harmonious day, without much struggle, conflict, resistance, anxiety, what-have-you. And, on the mat, today was... um... let's see... a pretty harmonious practice, without much struggle, conflict, resistance, anxiety, what-have-you.

I don't think things always mirror one another like that, but perhaps there's something to the correlation when it does exist. I wonder what it means when the mat becomes an especially faithful microcosm of what is happening off the mat? Is it always? Or have I ever had times where things have been god-awful in life, and blissful on the mat.

An interesting question, to which I do not have the answers.

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