09 July, 2014

Yoga in the 5 lands

Today was vinyasa in Cinque Terre.

We did a hike yesterday and a hike today. Yesterday's was not as much elevation as today's, but the combination of both, with lots of downhill, definitely made me sore. The goal today was to do that minimum acceptable 30 minutes but, again, I managed to do more like 40 minutes without really needing to endure any unpleasantness in the process.

I am starting to slow down, and get out of the mindset of always needing to be on to the next thing. That takes me a surprisingly long time. Maybe it does for everyone, I don't know. It's been just about a week -- tomorrow will be a week, but it seems to take me this long, perhaps longer, to slow down.

Yesterday, my ATM card didn't work. At first I thought the machine was broken, but then I saw other people successfully withdraw money, so I figured it must be that my card was blocked due to international usage. That didn't seem right since it had worked previously in Germany, but you never know. I called the bank, and they told me they'd get everything straightened out for me, but the call got cut off before we could completely tie up the conversation. Then I figured out how to do the forms online. But my card still didn't work. Then I spoke to another representative, who told me that there's no reason why my card shouldn't work, other than that the ATM may not be part of the network that my bank accepts. That became the most likely explanation.

Anyway, I am telling you this whole long story, because it was another example of how I felt this reactiveness... this urgency... I needed to figure out what was wrong immediately. It couldn't wait until after breakfast, and it couldn't wait until another day. I guess you could say I obsessed on it a bit. I didn't freak out, and I didn't become a psycho or anything, but I don't like to let things not be okay, even for a little while.

A good metaphor for this might be the wrinkles in the yoga towel during class. I have a really hard time letting the towel be wrinkled, either near my hands nor my feet during class. If I return to Downward Dog, and see the wrinkles, then I have to use my foot to brush them out. I don't like to think of myself as uptight, but the fact is, I have to fix those wrinkles.

I have even asked myself, "What would happen if I kept practicing, with the wrinkles in the mat?" And the answer is, of course, nothing. But it would cause me a great deal of anxiety, and it feels not right.

There's work to be done... but I still don't know what it's going to take to do it, or what the benefits are of doing it.

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