19 July, 2014

Partners yoga

Today was home practice.

Today, my girlfriend said she wanted to do yoga with me. This hasn't happened before, though she's mentioned that she'd like to do it at some point. But today was finally the day. Since she does yoga less often than I do (rarely, since she prefers Pilates), doing the yoga together meant that I was playing the role of "instructor" for us. I have guided myself through practices plenty of times, and am very comfortable with that, and I have even done yoga with others where we silently followed one another. But this was the first time that I called out the poses, while doing the practice, like an instructor would do. It was actually quite difficult, figuring out how to do my own practice correctly, breathe, and give the appropriately timed instruction so that it was smooth for her as well. I think it went pretty well. It was more like a basics sequence, in that we did fewer poses, but it actually took nearly an hour to complete. We did it facing one another, since the apartment is longer than it is wide.

It's quite easy to maintain focus when you have the responsibility of someone else's practice, too. That's something interesting, considering the parallels in life.

I tend to not make myself responsible for others. I have never been a manager. I shun supervisory roles. But, interestingly, perhaps I am missing out on an opportunity to have a clearer focus. When others depend on me, I don't want to let them down.

I guess it's something to think about.

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