30 July, 2014

Lots of lunges

Today was vinyasa with Meghan Smith at Live Love Flow.

Last class in a studio, probably, for a week, since I am traveling again. I decided to do this one because the time worked, even though I had never taken a class with Meghan before. It was a one-hour class, and the heat was not very high in the room, which was good. But the class was one endless string of Crescent Lunges, including all of the moves that I hate, sweeping the arms back, and low-flying chairs (a bunch of things that I tend to say are "not part of real yoga").

In spite of it... Meghan was a decent teacher, and the class had a decent pace. Just a trying class for me, but it was over before I knew it.

Still finding myself more interested in taking classes on my own now, than in the hot studio. I am also finding myself eager to get back into class with some of the teachers who have influenced me the most.

But now, I go to Boston.

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