19 July, 2014

Last practice on the road... for now

Today was vinyasa home practice.

I did a standard Baptiste sequence, albeit only about 35 minutes. It's most of the poses, perhaps fewer repeats. It is really humid here in Paris. I have taken 3 showers today. After wandering the city for the middle of the day, we needed to come back and recuperate by vegetating in the apartment for a couple of hours, before I could muster the motivation to do yoga. Even without any added heat, it was a sweaty practice.

I feel pretty good about having kept up the yoga during the trip, as I mentioned before. I don't think I ever missed 2 days in a row, and there were maybe only two occasions that I didn't do 2 days in a row. I suppose I could go back and count how many practices I did since I left Seattle? Looks like the answer was 18. So, I left Seattle on June 18th, arriving in Munich on the 19th. That's 30 days and 18 practices. I can't complain, right?

I knew when I packed my suitcase light, with only 5-6 days of clothing, that it meant a lot that the yoga mat was one of the things that found space in that suitcase. On the one hand, I wondered if I was kidding myself thinking that I'd make time to do yoga on the vacation part of the travels. It's easy not to make the time for it. When I went to Thailand, I can't recall if I brought my mat or not, but I think I only did yoga once in the time I was there. In truth, I don't think that doing the things were committed to ever really comes down to "There isn't enough time." I think that commitment is defined by there being enough time. If you want to know what's important to you in your life, just look at how you spend your time, on average. You can't torture yourself and look at one stint of 3 days when you were swamped at work, of course. But look over the span of, say, a month or two. How did you spend your time? We can tell ourselves until the cows come home about "What's really important," but time is a really good indicator. And we might not like what it shows. About a month ago, I decided, for a couple of reasons, that I didn't like that I was spending so much of my free time playing Scrabble online. I didn't like that this is how my time was being occupied. I was complaining that I wasn't doing more with my free time, but I squandered the free time I had on something that I try to proclaim is "not important." But the truth was, my stupid Scrabble rating was important to me. I didn't want it to be, but when it went down, I got upset, and when it went up, I felt gratification. The choice I made was to stop playing, because I wanted to create space for other things.

I am glad that yoga has continued to be something that I create space for. There are other things I would like to prioritize, but have not lately. Music is a big one. About a year ago, I made the priority of recording a song-a-week. I did it for a couple of months, and then it tapered to less frequent, and then it became sporadic or not at all. It's true that part of that slippage was because I made travel for work, and a new relationship my priorities. And that's okay. But I also played a lot of Scrabble. And that's okay too. But now I don't want to put it off anymore.

So, I guess I will try to shift my focus a little bit, probably after these next couple of work trips, to take up some of that space that was Scrabble-space, and use it for music again.

These are the things on my mind lately.

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