24 July, 2014

Known quantities

Today was vinyasa with Tina.

It was a difficult class, excruciatingly hot. But it's Tina. And it was exactly what I expected. Class was crowded but, again, it's Tina. So you know what to expect. Somehow, regardless of the conditions, whether it be heat, crowds, whatever... a Tina class is still a Tina class.

I don't have much to say, still.

Being back is a tough adjustment in some ways. The glory of the vacation is fading. I've been sleeping funny. Getting really tired at 9:30pm and then not sleeping solidly from the middle of the night onward. I suppose that will fade pretty soon. Just in time for me to go 3 hours forward next week, and then 3 hours back the week after that, and then 9 hours forward 2 weeks after that.

Life is a constant series of adjustments.

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