19 July, 2014

Breath can apparently overcome everything... even The Rolling Stones

Today was apartment yoga.

Today is Bastille Day. And I am in France. It's entertaining, because it's unlike anything I have ever experienced before, but it's also quite like other things I have experienced, depending on how you look at it.

Being that I am in a small French tourist town, and it's Bastille Day, there's lots of activity in the streets tonight. During my short, but intense 30 minutes of practice tonight, I had the opportunity try maintaining focus through a bad cover band playing Rolling Stones tunes and the start of the celebratory fireworks outside. Fireworks and Pigeon Pose are an interesting combination. But that's how life is, right?

At the start of the practice, with the music, I thought there was no way I was going to be able to focus, because my brain wanted to start listening to the band, and to find what was good or bad about them, and hear what they'd play next, etc. But I realized that this was the time I'd set for practice, and that I could overcome this distraction quite easily by just turning up the breath. And I did. And I can honestly tell you that, from that point forward, I did not hear another song well enough to identify it.

It was 5 Sun A, followed by 5 Sun B in increasing complexity (adding first Warrior II, then Side Angle, then Triangle). Then I did Eagle, Dancer, Tree, Pigeon. And that was my 30 minutes. I really wanted to get outside with Allie to watch the fireworks too, and I had started practice at 9:45pm so this was the compromise I made tonight.

Today, we tried to see the Arena in Nimes, which is supposed to be the best preserved from the entire Roman Empire. It was closed for Bastille Day. Of course, we did see the outside of it, which is probably the more impressive part. Then, when we arrived back in St. Remy, there was some bizarre traffic diversion due to events in this town, which made it nearly impossible for us to get back across to the side of the town center where we have been parking. After about 20 minutes of fumbling about, and using various maps and random attempts, we made it there.

Thing is, though I can't say that I handled these mini-misfortunes like a Zen God, I handled them a little better than some of the similar things that have come up during the trip. I've gotten much better at letting go of things after they're over. But the place I really need to work is on letting them go before or while they're happening, i.e. never forming the attachment in the first place. Today was a little better, but I am not sure it would have been noticeably better to anyone besides me.

But still... I guess that's something.

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