03 July, 2014

Another day of surprising over-deliver for myself

Today was home practice again, as will be every day for the next 3 weeks.

I resigned myself to morning practice because dinner and wine went too late last night. It seemed like it would be a deal with the devil, but it turned out not to be that bad. I figured I would scrape through 25-30 minutes of really basic practice. A bunch of Sun Salutations and call it good. Turns out, I felt a little more motivated, and quite focused, and went about 40 minutes, with 5 Sun A, 5 Sun B (including modifications such as Warrior II and Side Angle), then I did Low Lunges with some additional stretching for hip flexors and quads, Cow Pose, Plow. That was 40 minutes. Something was weird in my upper back today, the muscles were really tight along the thoracic area, and it made Plow difficult. I could tell it would be, based on how I felt in the regular forward folds. Almost like my back wanted to crack but wouldn't. But it wasn't pain. Just tightness. Maybe it's morning for me.

That's another day. Tonight, off to Italy. But I've done yoga there before, so I can do yoga there again.

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