02 June, 2014

Last one before the road

Today was vinyasa with Michel.

The panic over all the stuff that's coming up has been slowly subsiding, but there's still a lot of pressure that I am applying on myself for things to go "perfectly." Sigh. Perfection. That slippery jewel.

I sneaked away from work today at the lunch hour to do Michel's class because it was the only time that would be available before I head to Boston tomorrow, and I wanted to get in the studio since I didn't know when I'd be able to do a class in a studio again, with my upcoming schedule.

It was great to be in her class, and great to do a lunchtime class. My focus was good, and I felt strong. She has this uncanny habit of saying things that seem to hit me just right in the moment that I am on whatever day it is. I can't remember what she said, but it always catches me off guard, and often makes me smile at life. Maybe it's all so universal that it's always applicable. She's that kind of teacher.

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