19 June, 2014

Last class before the long trip

Today was vinyasa with Jessica.

It was a special treat, in a couple of ways. First, I had been planning a noon class today, since my flight was in the evening. I expected I would be taking class with Nicole, which would have been great, since I haven't taken her class in a very long time. But it turned out there was a substitute, Jessica, visiting from New York. And that was great, because I am even less likely to have the opportunity to take her class. She pointed out that she is teaching a very different style now than she used to teach (this was during our conversation before class), and this was true. She was very deliberate, very slow, with long holds, and many instructions about proper alignment, given in a level of specificity I have not had the opportunity to hear in any classes before. It really changed the way I practiced, and I think much of her guidance will carry forward into my future practice. It was also one of the hardest classes I have done in a very long time, even though it was not particularly hot. There were many long, and very deep holds, and it was just super-challenging. And she didn't let people find a "half-way" effort level. She was noticing, and calling people into the full effort.

The other special part of practice was sharing it next to an "old" friend, who also moved to New York a year or so ago. She was back in town, and we met for coffee, and she decided at the last minute to take the class. So that was nice.

It was an interesting little shift to the norm, having that series of experiences on the same day that I am embarking on the longest trip of my life.

I had some debate in my mind as to whether I should bring my yoga mat on this trip or not, because I wasn't sure if it was being realistic to think I'd make the kind of time for yoga that would justify occupying a space in a suitcase with a mat. I thought about just practicing without a mat, whenever I could. But then I thought about it some more, and realized that this is a choice I can make about what kind of priority the yoga will be. Whether I am here, France, or on the moon, the practice is within my power to choose. Though, I suspect, Crow pose would be easier on the moon.

Anyway, I decided to bring the mat, and pack light, and do yoga. Because that's how I want to live.

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