23 June, 2014

Getting lost in the hips

Today was home practice in the hotel again.

I did about 35 minutes of regular vinyasa practice, with a little more focus on stretching poses, and a little less focus on extreme weight-bearing (i.e. no Crescent Lunge, fewer Chaturangas). The practice was decent, and at 35 minutes I transitioned into lengthy hip opening, albeit with divided attention. I needed to tune into a work meeting via audio conference back to Seattle. So I decided that would be a good opportunity to do some extremely long Cow Pose and Pigeon Pose. I don't even know how long they lasted, but probably 5-8 minutes per pose, per side, for a total of a half hour. It feels good to get that kind of stretch, but it sure doesn't feel good exiting out of such a pose after the long hold.

I was glad to get in practice two days in a row, and am feeling determined to keep the run going, just like I am back in Seattle, and this is business as usual. This is life, and it happens, whether I am in Seattle, or Munich, or Florence, or Corniglia, or St. Remy-de-Provence, or Paris. Not that I am going to be in all of those places (though I am).

Just sayin'...

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