28 June, 2014

Decent practice at indecent hour

Today was home practice.

I went on a long day trip, which could have obviated any need to do a yoga "workout" but it turned out that our day of "hiking" was comprised more of "transit" plus short walks in a few places along the way. I was so tired all day that my mood was waning, especially in the middle of the day. I found myself becoming very negative, and complaining (silently, a lot; vocally, a little) about how tired I was. It got to the point, and I credit the yoga practice for this, that I had to consciously make a statement to myself that I was aware that my perspective was not accurate right now based on the fatigue. It didn't make me feel better, but it served to remind me not to dwell too deeply in it.

There were many transitions during the day, from trains, to gondolas, to walking. We were in sunshine, clouds, alpine frigid air, snow, rain, humidity. Many different climates. After stopping for a beverage and snack, the weather turned much cooler, and I suddenly found myself waking up, and my mood improving, and my energy getting higher. I don't know if it was the snack and the water, or if it was more the change in weather. But I definitely think I do better in cooler weather.

The yoga tonight started at 11:15pm, which is never my plan, but seems to keep happening. I hoped to do 45 minutes, and actually did 55 minutes, which usually means that, again, my energy was not bad at all. I tried to stick as true to the Baptiste sequence as possible, partly to exercise some discipline and take my mind out of it, but also because it's a good template to carry one through the (approximately) correct duration of a class of a given length. If you do all your sun salutations, your twists and crescent lunges and side planks, the standing balance series, and a modest floor series, then you're there. I shortened the floor portion a bit, and that's what made it 55 minutes instead of 60 or 70 minutes.

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