29 June, 2014

Decent practice at a decent hour

Today was home practice.

Finally, yoga at a reasonable hour. Seriously, this may have been the first time on the entire trip where I did yoga before 10pm. This may also be the first time on the trip where I have almost, kind of sort of reset my sleep clock to feeling reasonably rested. I owe that to a 4 hour nap this afternoon. Yoga was at 6pm, and I figured I would just do at least a half hour, but it turns out, it was closer to an hour, though I don't really know how long, since I opted not to pay attention to the clock before or after. The emphasis was slightly to hit some things I have missed in the past few days, and I also made a point to mix it up compared to the usual Baptiste sequence, just for sake of variety.

My hips are very tight, particularly the inner and outer rotation muscles deep in the joints. When doing poses like Warrior II and Triangle, in particular, can feel it on the inside hip of the back leg. Perhaps some of this tightening is from not getting enough sleep. I don't really know. Maybe it is from too much meat and potatoes.

Well, so far, the practice has continued at a respectable clip.

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