16 May, 2014

Unexpected visitors

Today was vinyasa with Rob at Be Luminous.

Yes, Rob Bracco, doing his first substitution at Be Luminous. It was a nice surprise, and good to see a teacher whom I hadn't seen in a long time. My energy was still good today. The class was pretty much a standard "Journey Into Power" series, with a few minor modifications. It wasn't too crowded, being a 4pm slot, and it's always good to have yoga finished early on a Friday evening.

I'd been idly considering the idea of going over to Urban Yoga Spa to see some old friends... in particular, feeling a bit sentimental about Cassandra, and thinking it may be time to pay a visit to her class, now that it's not an option at the other studio where she taught briefly. This class with Rob gave me some sense of the connection to UYS, but it also reminded me that regardless of where the studio is, or who the teacher is, the practice is actually my practice, and mine alone. It's always a personal practice, no matter how many others are there. Getting too attached to the location or the instructor is getting wrapped up in the drama of things.

So perhaps I will stay the course I have been on lately.

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