13 May, 2014


Today was home practice with Ali Kamenova.

And a strange one it was.

She's always a bit unconventional. But this one was particularly odd, starting off with Warrior III in the first minute. I went with the flow, and it was not bad. Ali has a bit of a habit of narrating in a way that's a little hard to follow because she does voice over after the fact, so she's actually calling out the pose a little bit after she's started transitioning to it, which is the opposite of how people tend to teach. So, when you look up at her, she's already on to the next thing.

Today was a day where I just didn't want to do a 90 minute practice, or wait until 7pm to be done with yoga, or pay for a class that is not part of my membership, or deal with the heat, or motivate myself to do a self-guided practice. Yeah, lots of constraints, huh?

There were no Warrior I or II poses in this class, nor Crescent Lunge, nor Triangle. This may have been a good thing for me, since that little bone in my right heel is still nagging away as it has done for months.

Another day. Another practice. The 50 minutes went by pretty quickly, and I am glad I did it.

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