19 May, 2014

Low-Energy Vibrations

Today was vinyasa with Jaime.

It was a strange class, yes. We started off with "yoga music" and ended up with "Dave Matthews." Because it's an hour class, and it's advanced level, the intensity is pretty much at 100% through the entire class, and we ran overtime so we were left to do winding down and Savasana on our own. Yeah, a little strange.

I have been experiencing what Jaime would probably call low-energy vibrations lately. Having a hard time getting out of them. I haven't really been motivated to pursue my passions, to the point that I don't even really feel passionate about them. Haven't really felt like reading. Haven't felt like doing much besides forcing myself to do yoga, resting, eating, playing Scrabble on my phone. Drinking wine. You could call it "Taking it easy for a while" or you could call it "Being in a rut." I am not sure if one is more true than the other.

There were a lot of handstands in class today, and I didn't do any of them, because that's not in my practice. So I did my best to find alternatives during those times. It was a tough class.

Even though the energy was weird, and the class was phrenetic, I still felt like I had an okay practice.

I seem to have snapped out of my physical funk. But now I am still caught in an emotional funk. Will these funks ever be fully in remission?

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