25 May, 2014

How you treat your best friend

Today was home practice with Lesley Fightmaster.

Searched the web for classes today, since it is a holiday weekend, and saw that this instructor had a lot of classes that were full-length.

The sequence was slight variation off the usual vinyasa flow, but had all of the core elements of Baptiste in it. The biggest challenge was that she went very quickly. She probably did the number of poses we'd typically see in a 75 minute class, in 48 minutes. But it was good nonetheless, because she had a pretty good message and style of teaching.

The subjects that seem most relevant sometimes start coming at us in a barrage, when it's the message we need to hear (the universe gives, or something like that...). Today, at a point about three-quarters of the way through the class, she asked us to pay attention to what the voice inside of us is saying. Is the voice kind? The point of reference she gave was "Ask yourself if you'd talk to your best friend the way that you're talking to yourself right now."

Well, that one hit me, because I have been noticing lately how negative that voice is. I am not my own best friend, it would seem. Because I cut myself down like I probably wouldn't even do to a sworn enemy. I could spend a whole bunch of time asking myself what that's all about. And I could call that therapy. Or I can just stop doing it, and like every other form of "losing focus" that can happen on or off the mat, just notice it, and bring the focus back. It's one of the things I do.

Can I choose to stop doing it?

Will I?

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