22 May, 2014

Another good class

Today was vinyasa with Tina.

I am now starting to anticipate the class with Tina with enthusiasm, rather than apprehension. The medicine works. It has been clear to me, every time that I attend, that I come out of there feeling better than when I went into the class. So why keep the old story alive about being apprehensive about how hard she's going to work us?

For Tina, it was not the hardest of classes today. She did a few things differently, though I can't really remember what.

This is a time where I need to keep the focus on the practice, the connections to what is happening off the mat, and the commitment to this writing. I let this entry slip for 3 days because of this or that reason, and I no longer remember exactly the feelings that I wanted to capture when I walked out of class.

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