29 May, 2014

After-effects of eyes shut

Today was vinyasa with Tina.

It turns out that there is a consequence of practicing with eyes shut. It would appear that one uses more muscles to maintain stability and balance, when vision is not part of the picture. I was sore today. My legs were tired, my chest was tired. Tina's class was difficult. But I find my energy on the mat to be very good lately. Talk about obvious ebbs and flows... a couple of weeks ago, I wondered when I would ever feel good again, and now it's one of those periods where the practice seems tolerable, no matter how difficult.

I've been working on the Half Moon looking up to the top hand, and getting closer to doing it on both sides, regularly. I've been including Wheel in every practice, and not just a half-assed Wheel. Really trying, and holding it for longer than I think I can. And I have been not slacking of at the end of the class, as I have always had a tendency to do.

Not sure where this is coming from, and I certainly haven't been feeling splendidly "off the mat," so it's not as if I am just experiencing some sort of period of exuberance. This wave of "something" is coming from the mat first.

The question is: Will this wave translate, gradually, into life off the mat?

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