28 April, 2014

Yoga in three languages

Today was vinyasa with Sabine at Air Yoga in Munich.

First time ever at a foreign studio. When I signed in the person at front desk told me to let the teacher know about my lack of German because the teacher is fluent in English. I hesitantly did. Though I didn't really want them to do anything special for me. The rest of the class were Germans of course. But the teacher said she would teach in English. Actually she had not really taught in English much and it was hard for her. She went back and forth from German to Sanskrit to English and confused herself quite a bit... especially her left and her right.

I felt a little guilt and embarrassment that she did that specially for me. It actually made me feel quite emotional.

The class was very difficult. Slow but deep and intense with long holds. It was somewhat Ashtanga like in nature. Ninety minutes... Still feeling it two days later.

But it is still yoga. In any language. It is a practice. The words are all extras.

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