07 April, 2014

There's usually a way to get what you need

Today was vinyasa home practice.

I wanted slow. I wanted quiet. I wanted no heat. I wanted peaceful, focused flow, with fewer Chaturangas, and a lot of standing balance poses. Well, turns out, there's a way of getting that. Doing the practice by myself at home.

Before practicing, I was feeling really lethargic. I didn't want to do anything. I didn't want to do yoga. I didn't want to get together with a friend tonight. I wanted to lay about and do nothing. Low, low energy. But I decided that, on this occasion, it was not my body telling me "don't do yoga." It was some part of my brain that was feeling stuck. So, I overrode that temptation and did the aforementioned practice. And it was 50 minutes of solid practice, capped with 5 minutes on each side of Pigeon (10 long breaths on each side - and it turns out that my long breaths are about 30 seconds each).

And now, my energy feels a little better, and the rest of the evening (and week) does not seem so unbearable.

It can be difficult to discern between what the body needs and what the mind thinks it wants. This practice is supposed to help us learn to discern, but sometimes the practice itself gets caught in the frenzy.

Nobody said the path is simple.

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