02 April, 2014

There was definitely something weird about that place

Today was vinyasa at Ripple Yoga with Michele.

Last class of the 5-class pack. It was worth checking out a small local studio. I will miss the quiet and the wide open space of having only 2-3 people in a class (not a sign of success for a studio, but can be nice for practicing). But there was definitely something weird about that space, in terms of the floor, the colors, the lighting. Never felt like I could find my balance in there. You know there's something weird when you're falling on your way into Warrior II. What's that all about?

This week I have had a weird negative energy going, and it's been making me irritable and snippy with people. Aggravated, impatient. It's strange because I am not in a generally bad mood, but I am finding myself easily upset. Maybe it is the pending pressure ramping up at work again.

Something to notice...

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