17 April, 2014

Special Classes

Today was vinyasa with Dave Farmar at Be Luminous.

I thought I was just coming to a regular Thursday night at Be Luminous with Tina. But when I got there, I saw Tina laying down a mat as if she was going to be taking class, rather than teaching it. And that's how it turned out to be. Michel also took class, and placed her mat next to mine, which was nice, because I'd never actually practiced with Michel before.

Dave Farmar, I guess, is a big name at Baptiste. I don't know all the names, so it was not a "wow" factor for me in the same way as if, say, Baron Baptiste himself had made an appearance. But the proof is in the pudding, and that was in the form of a very good class, extremely difficult, but very concise, and simple. Nothing wasted. There's something great about Baptiste teaching with nothing added. The class was music-free, which I prefer.

Not a bad surprise.

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