21 April, 2014

Quiet Monday

Today was vinyasa with Michel.

Usually the 5:30pm classes are very crowded, but today's was relatively sparse. I was dreading the 90 minutes, a little bit, in advance, but tried to find a way to maintain focus, and have it not be suffering. I recognize that choosing to experience dread is a recipe for suffering, and I found a way to let go of that during the class. There did come a point in the class where I felt I'd had about enough, and that was when they did the "playing" that often happens in Level 2 classes. I took that segment as an opportunity to go inward and stay in Child's Pose until we picked up the practice where we'd left off before that. And I also chose to mostly skip the abs workout, though I did a little bit of something resembling abs. By that point in class, I just really don't find myself wanting to go hard.

I think I know what that means in my life. It's the giving myself a break after hard work. I have come to believe I deserve downtime after hard work. What I can't tell for sure is a) if there's anything wrong with that choice, and b) what the consequences are "off the mat" if I decide it's not something I care to change.

This was perhaps my last in-studio class for more than a week, unless I decide to practice in a studio in Munich, which is unlikely but not entirely out of the question.

It will be hotel yoga for the next week.

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