18 April, 2014

Piling soreness on top of soreness

Today was vinyasa with Ara.

It was another really intense class. I had forgotten that there were no afternoon classes at Be Luminous today, so I was off to Live, Love, Flow, happy that there was a teacher I like, teaching at a time I could still attend, even with the detour. Ara plays yoga music, and that's a welcome alternative to the pop music played in so many of the power classes. There are some small things that I realize only when they're right in front of me. Small things that matter a lot to me, and about which I should make mental notes. Ara plays good music. Mental note to self.

Next week I begin a trip to Munich. It will be a challenge to keep the regular practice for all the usual reasons of the huge time shift plus travel inconveniences. But I will keep it going. A reasonable goal would be 4 classes in the 8 days I am away. If I can pull off 5 classes I will call it a big win.

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