08 April, 2014

More of this

Today was slow vinyasa with Jackie.

I need more classes like this. Well, not necessarily the super-mellow level of yoga intensity, but the atmosphere, the quiet, the deliberate nature. I like a gentle class a couple of times a week. And I like the more difficult classes. If only the dynamic could always be like this...

I was a little anxious for class to be done with, for whatever reason. Maybe it's because I am getting on a plane and flying tonight, and that always causes me to be a little bit uptight knowing that there's travel. Also just a low level of worry about just about everything. I don't need to do the worrying thing. And when I stop and realize that there's really no reason for it, it seems foolish to burden myself. Yet I keep coming back to worrying. That's my choice. And it's not that much fun. So why do it?

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