03 April, 2014

Finding new things

Today was vinyasa with Tina.

I discovered the other day that I can almost sort of look up when I am doing half moon. I had gone so long feeling like there was no way, that I had stopped trying. And then somebody suggested it, and I tried. And it was not completely impossible. The same was true a couple of days ago with raising a leg in side plank. These are actually a bit similar to one another. And also, sort of true for revolved triangle. Not entirely dissimilar as well. These are things that I previously just didn't do, period, the end. But then I tried, and found that I could sort of do them. Well, sort of. I tried the side plank deal with my left hand down, and it works. But when I try it the other way, no-go. And I can physically understand what the difference is between the two sides.

So, now I am trying, sometimes anyway.

Because sometimes we stop wondering what's possible. And that's probably never a good thing.

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