24 April, 2014

Das ist Yoga

Today was vinyasa in the hotel in Munich.

Not sure why I had energy but I did. It was a full Baptiste series, with good breath, good focus, didn't skip any poses due to laziness or whatnot, and even did the things I typically hate to do or skip (like abs and wheel). Not sure what got into me, really. I surprise myself sometimes. I should be jet-lagged but I am not, because I slept enough on the plane. Well, maybe that's not entirely true. One could say I am jet-lagged because it's midnight and I am not tired yet.

May do yoga at a studio here in Munich. If so, I hope they do the poses in German, because I am curious if I can follow a practice without knowing what they're saying.

Nach unten schauenden Hund.

And of course Adler, Taube, Tänzer, and Baum. And possibly Krähe. But definitely not Glühwürmchen

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