23 March, 2014

Up Cat Down Cat

Today was online yoga with Brett Larkin.


A friend of mine who is not part The Yoga Circle suggested this teacher. The classes are on YouTube. And it was a great recommendation. The class is a relatively slow, but pretty deep vinyasa sequence, with quite a different energy from the Baptiste that we find everywhere. She just had a different energy and approach. Today was home yoga because of my schedule, but also a desire to avoid too much of the heat, since it's been difficult on my body again lately.

The hour went by very quickly. I started off quite peaceful, having come from a massage a little bit earlier. It's not a bad place to start from, compared with the usual, which would be to plunge onto the mat from the work environment or some other active setting.

I can understand why people say it's better to start the day with yoga, but my body doesn't love that.

Okay. That's all.

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