28 March, 2014

Twice in a week

Today was vinyasa with Carley.

Second time in a week. I cannot even tell you the last time I took two classes with the same teacher in a week. I used to do this all the time but, as my yoga has become slightly less frequent, and spread across travel, home, and a couple of studios, it has become less likely that schedule will land me on the mat with the same instructor in any week.

Carley was filling in for Elizabeth Thomas.

Today's class was quite a bit different from Carley's usual routine. Not sure why, but it was pretty far afield from the standard Baptiste sequence. That was fine with me. Very difficult though. Unfortunately I don't remember much about it, because my mind is empty of what happened only 2 days ago. I only recall that I was really worried I would not make it there on time, because of unexpected early traffic. I'd left work early to attend an early class, and start my weekend early. For whatever reason, that was a decision that I made this week, and it seemed reasonable. Though it looked like there'd be no chance of me making it there on time, somehow, as is often the case, I made it. But these experiences lead me to not want to cut it close again, rather than to push it further and trust that I will always make it. I don't think I would like the feeling of missing a class due to traffic, and I feel very strongly that you don't show up at the studio late. It really irks me when people enter the class late. This is especially true when they are very late, like 10+ minutes. I believe they should not be allowed into class. But the truth is, I even find it irritating when people are 1 minute late. When you arrive at the studio, you know if you are going to be late. And my feeling is that I can go do yoga at home if I am going to be late, because it's disruptive and disrespectful. There's a lot of judgment in there, I recognize. And I totally understand that there are reasons for people to be behind schedule. I also realize that we all "need" our yoga. But it's just a line I draw for myself.

Rant, rant, righteous rant.

I have been nursing a little bit of soreness in my wrist from overuse in the yoga studio. I don't know why it would hurt now, but it does. Being a little careful about it.

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