27 March, 2014

Time to unlearn this thought

Today was vinyasa with Tina.

I had it my head all day that I was going to a different studio today. I would go to Ripple Yoga, and take a class with a teacher whom I've never had before. And the reason for this was that I was trying to avoid Tina's class, because I always imagine it's going to be grueling and that I am probably not up for it. But today, on the drive there, the switch flipped in my mind, as it often does when pondering Tina's class and, at the last moment, I decided to go. And, as usual, my experience was amazing, and Tina's energy was amazing, and felt like it was the absolute right thing to have done today.

It's funny, then. Why is it that, in spite of having this experience over and over again, my gut reflex is always to think "I'm not sure I want to do Tina's class today." Perhaps I am always glad about most classes I attend, or perhaps I have misconceptions about what I really need? Who knows.

It was difficult. But, honestly, it's not more difficult than Sean or Carley's classes. I perceive Sean to be as difficult and Carley to be not as difficult, but I think their classes tend to kick my ass far more. That may also be related to Tina's class always being 60 minutes, rather than 90 minutes (yes, that is most definitely a big difference).

Been slipping up on the writing a bit lately again.  I have been busy, which is a fair reason. But I have let it slide longer than that, to the point that I have to ask myself if I am avoiding capturing the emotions when they're happening. Perhaps it is time to get stricter again.

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