30 March, 2014

Sunday afternoon zoned out

Today was vinyasa with Alice.

It has been over 8 weeks since I took a class with Alice. Actually, it's been since January 5th. But it didn't seem that long. I knew she'd gone on maternity leave, and I've traveled a bunch. So it was nice to go back to one of the teachers who I trust most (even if she kicks our ass every time). I really like that the ass-kicking is delivered slowly and deliberately, I guess. There's a clear sense of breath, and a pause in each posture.

I wasn't that enthusiastic about going to yoga today, feeling quite tired. And my body felt it in the poses. My "glutes" were really burning in every lunge pose we did. So I managed to hang in through the practice anyway. During the "restorative" part at the end of class, I almost fell asleep.

Zoned out.

Glad I did it, now that it's done, but still want to lay still and vegetate.

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