19 March, 2014

Slippery when wet

Today was vinyasa with Michele at Ripple Yoga.

As I mentioned, I think there's one class left on my 5-class pack at Ripple. My next class will probably be my last class there. Michele's a pretty good teacher. The class was pretty good. I think it's a little tough for teachers to get a big energy going when there are only 4 people in class, but her sequence was interesting and her pacing was good.

Today, I made the major major mistake of deciding not to bring a yoga towel with me. Since I was going to Ripple, I had my Jade mat with me. The Jade mat is pretty sticky. In an unheated class, it's got perfect traction. Ripple is heated, but it (supposedly) isn't as hot as other studios. This turned out to be a huge mistake. The temperature was probably only 95 in the room, but I dropped a giant pond of sweat, and the mat became puddled to the degree of being dangerous to go into any wide-legged standing poses. So I spent a fair portion of class trying to mitigate the risk of tearing a hamstring or groin muscle. So I guess the fact that my impression of the class was still slanted pretty positive is probably a strong indicator of Michele's teaching.

Perhaps I will take my last class there with Jordana - the other teacher, whom I have not yet met.

It's not that this studio is unacceptable. I just feel like I should not spread my yoga thinner than necessary across the city, especially given how much I travel and how much home yoga I do as it is. Right now, I still have 9 classes at Yoga Tree in Fremont that hopefully never expire. And I have god-knows-how-many classes at Urban Yoga Spa that will likely go unused due to my shift away from there (unless I drop back in again for Hatha, which is not out of the question). And there's Live Love Flow, where I will continue to do occasional classes.

Be Luminous is my home, though.

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