21 March, 2014

Ninety minutes goes by a lot faster when it's only seventy-five

Today was vinyasa plus meditation with Scott.

I had it in my mind that today's class was a 90 minute class, and that there would be about 15 minutes of meditation at the end. But the Friday evening class is actually a 75 minute, with meditation, so it was only an hour of yoga. Went by much more quickly, obviously, than expected. In spite of having not had enough sleep the night before (5 hours... sigh), my energy was pretty good.

And class wasn't too too crowded, which is also good.

Things are pretty good right now. I think I have said that a few times, but I will say it again, so that, when I look back at some future point in time to see how things were before, it will be easy for me to find plenty of mentions of them being good.

Scott mentioned in class that we have a tendency to only notice when things are not good. He gave the funny example of the showers at the studio sometimes being cold, and there are lots of complaints about them. But when the showers are great, nobody says a word. Intriguingly, the showers yesterday were the best I have ever had. The water was so warm, I actually needed to dial it back from the hottest setting a little bit. I wonder if they had fixed something. But it's a fair point to mention.

It's worth noting when things are good. Recognizing it can make it even better.

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