15 March, 2014

Letting go of shoulds

Today was Power Vinyasa with Sean.

I took 4 days off. Yes, that's right. I don't think I could tell you the last time I took 4 days off. Maybe 2 years ago? I don't know. And I wasn't injured. And I wasn't unable. I was busy, but no busier than any other time that I've managed to fit it all in to the schedule. I was in California for work, had my yoga mat with me, and just didn't do yoga. I recognized that there was a lack of sleep, and we were out at dinners as a team in the evening, and I had work and other things I wanted to do. I guess the best way of describing it would be "I decided not to do yoga." And it feels weird saying that, because I normally do not even allow myself to utter those words.

I've been quite the disciplinarian with respect to the yoga practice. By and large, that's a good thing. But it's not the end of the world if I choose not to do it.

As such, Sean's class was mighty difficult, after 4 days off, but it was easier in some ways, because my body was pretty well rested.

I will make the conscious effort not to allow yoga to become the exception, but remain the rule. But all things in moderation, maybe?

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