17 March, 2014

Knowing a great thing when you've got it

Today was vinyasa with Gary at Ripple Yoga.

This is a new studio, as I've mentioned before. Maybe they'll get off the ground. Maybe they won't. Really hard to know for sure. I joined because Cassandra started teaching there. But it turned out that she didn't teach there for very long. So now I am biding my way through a 5-class pack at a studio that isn't really my place of choice. It's true that the yoga is the yoga, and practice really comes from the inside, but it's also true that going to a studio with highly experienced instructors has its benefits. Be Luminous has that. Live Love Flow has that. Urban Yoga Spa has that. But Ripple is just getting started, and this is not a criticism as much as a fact.

It's nice to be in a quiet, uncrowded studio, but it's also nice to practice in my bedroom.

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