09 March, 2014

Almost back into the groove... in time to go away again...

Today was vinyasa with Alison at Live Love Flow.

Have I taken her class before? I don't think so. Maybe I have. Yesterday I had a massage with someone I thought I'd never seen before, but it turned out I had. My memory ain't what it used to be. I am not sure if it was the fatigue this past week from jet lag that made yoga so hard, or just the shift back into the mindset of "home," or maybe it was the fact that I hadn't taken any hot yoga classes in ~2 weeks. Probably all of the above (that's almost always the case with all of my explorations into "Why?"). Today, after two days of rest, I was almost kinda sorta feeling back to normal in class. It was pretty hot, and pretty intense, but I felt almost normal, not like I was going to die. And my attitude was pretty decent throughout the class.

Just in time for me to go away again tomorrow. For four days.

I may try to get on top of this a little more this week, since it's only a trip to California, and there's no time difference. Perhaps even make an appearance or two at the hot yoga studio in downtown Mountain View, where I may still have some class passes left.

Ebb and flow.

Things are pretty good here.

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