12 February, 2014

Today I did yoga

Today was vinyasa with Sean.

Second time this week that I am on a late-night (as in, 7pm) class due to work schedule, and the desire to avoid the long 90 minute classes. i missed yesterday due to what seemed to be food poisoning, but didn’t impact me too severely. only enough so that it seemed ill advised to do yoga. Sean’s class is always hard and this was no exception. He holds you in a position, or has rapid fire repeats, where you want to get mad at him, and then he calls out the fact that you’re probably wanting to get mad at him right now. at that point, what can you do, but smile to yourself, and recognize that he’s right. that is the practice, and that is life. you don’t always get to decide how easy or hard it’s going to be or how long it’s going to last. might as well get used to it.

feeling reasonably strong and i have been feeling super-energized at work lately, almost manic, but also a bit swamped. somehow, though, my motivation clicked on, and now all i want to do is work. i am forcing myself not to do just that, because there is a social life to be had. but i could easily work all day and all night when i get in this mode. it happens rarely so i should probably run with it. 

i would not have believed it possible that this would be where i am at, only a few weeks ago.

and now i am on the verge of going to europe for a big long work trip. it’s going to be pretty intense…

but there will be yoga, one way or another.

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