01 February, 2014

Sometimes I feel like "The Basics" are more than enough

Today was yoga basics vinyasa class with Chelle Swierz.

At the start of class, we had a chance to chat about the earlier conversation about inversions. I shared with Chelle the fact that I had started working on the headstands only 1-2 weeks after the class of hers where I'd made a firm proclamation to myself that I had zero interest or intention in doing inversions. It's still intriguing to me. Perhaps the shift came from the recognition about how absurd it was for me to make such an arbitrary decision.

Anyway, today was the basics class that J. Politi use to teach. It's a good class. Although there are half as many Chaturangas, and there are omissions of a couple of the standard Baptiste sequences, to fit things into a 60-minute session at a slow pace, I still broke a serious sweat, and still felt like I had about enough work for my body.

It's true that there's benefit to pushing way past the point that you want to go, to understand the boundaries, the edge, whatever you want to call it. But perhaps I don't want to dance on the edge every day. Am I being lazy? I don't know. Who knows?

Nobody does.

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