23 February, 2014

Same mat, different country

Today was vinyasa in the hotel in Munich.

How many countries is it now? Well, actually not that many. Just US, Italy, Germany, England, and Switzerland. But that's nothing to sneeze at. The one constant in the practice is the mat under the feet, and the feet over the mat.

I walk down the streets of Munich, in brisk but pleasant cool of the morning, with bright sunshine, looking at the buildings around me, all of which have been here for hundreds of years, unless they were destroyed, in which case, they were built again to exactly resemble the originals. Everything is perfect. Everything is beautiful. It is easy to find the present moment, when surroundings are evoking such strong connection.

Today was a simple Baptiste flow. Nothing fancy, no tricks. The concentration is pretty good right now. Any imbalances that shook me last week seem to have dissolved into harmony this week. For some reason, the back half of a trip always seems to be smoother than the front half. I often carry into a new situation all of the anxieties (if unconscious) about whether it will go well. But once I hit the ground running, it always smooths out.

These are good times.

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