27 February, 2014

Running on empty

Today I am so tired.

Yesterday I did some sort of mellow 30-40 minute vinyasa, being so tired then too. And today is supposed to be another day of yoga, I told myself. But I am so tired. I don't really want to do it. And there's the voice in my head that says that discipline is doing things when you don't want to do them. And then there's the other voice in my head that says that the practice is listening to your body. And how do these voices fight it out? And how do I come to the right answer.

Perhaps the solution is to sit and not think about it.

My shoulder blade thing is fucked again. I don't know if it's from doing headstand again a few days ago, or from being tired, or from falling down the stairs. I suppose any one of those could be a valid explanation. It was bad enough yesterday that I actually felt like Chaturanga was irritating it, which means it is worse than last month. Fortunately I have massage scheduled for Sunday.

So, it's either Hatha (no Chaturanga), or meditation (no yoga), or sleep.

The intelligence in me says that I gain little by forcing my body through a workout just to not feel like I am letting myself off the hook, which I am obviously beat. And I recognize I am justifying it here to you as if it will somehow make it feel justified for me.

Okay. I stop now.

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