07 February, 2014

Laura C. for the win

Today was vinyasa with Laura Calcaterra on hitPLAYyoga.

As per usual, her classes are a big win. It takes a lot for a teacher to command presence and peace from afar, and she really does it. By the end of the class, I can see the blue wall to my right, the gray wall to my left, and the windows behind me, even though I am not even in her studio.

I decided to practice at home today, partly because I couldn't get out of work early enough for the 4pm, but also because it seemed reasonable to not go back to the heat again after Tina's class yesterday. My mind was a little drifty, but not so bad... not so bad... definitely not the extreme noise of the other day. I am starting to work toward focus again, breaking things up into smaller pieces in life, to move forward, without getting analysis paralysis. It feels good to know that I will be "delivering" things soon in my work. I will feel less stress when that happens.

Today there was a bit of a monkey wrench thrown at us that could potentially alter my travel plans for a big trip I am expecting to take at work. Then again, it might not alter them at all. My initial reaction was to get defensive, and push back about why I can't have my "Big Plan" disrupted. But after the meeting was over, and time passed, I realized, "What difference does it really make?" On the one hand, if the trip happens, I "win" because it will be great to go on that trip. But on the other hand, if the trip doesn't happen, I "win" because I will have less fatigue of traveling, and more time to focus on the things in my life here. It's a no-lose situation. But I started digging in the heels and getting married to one outcome or the other.

Should I know better than that by now? Probably :)

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