06 February, 2014

It is what it is

Today was Vinyasa with Tina.

As usual, I had the mixture of apprehension about Tina's class, knowing how difficult it would be, combined with awareness of my tendency toward this apprehension, and a willingness to ignore it. Of course, I was not surprised. In fact, I would have to say that, as Tina classes go, this one was moderate. There were a lot of people. It seemed that every possible position in the room was occupied. I'd thought that I'd placed myself in a location where I would be able to do my Sun Salutations with my arms wide, but the relative position of those around me didn't quite turn out how I'd imagined either, so I had to just suck it up and do it like everyone else was doing it. I guess you call that going with the flow.

I have had a lot of complaining about my life lately. I can't say I am unhappy, but there's been more complaining than production. Today, I finally started implementing some steps to move toward production, because it would really feel better to be delivering, than talking about how I don't have time to deliver.

That's all.

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