15 February, 2014

I really can't move in the morning

Today was vinyasa with Nicole.

First time taking her class in I don't know how long, mostly because of schedule. Today I was awake, having returned from a 5:30am airport drop-off, and it seemed reasonable to stay awake, and do the yoga early. But my body really doesn't want to move that early. Chaturangas felt like a ton of lead. Forward folds felt stiff and iffy. An hour felt long.

Nonetheless, I was up.

I felt a lot of emotion in the class, and a fair amount of resistance. I was worried a little that today might mark a slide down in the motivation and mood, mainly because I am shifting phases. I have been staying local, and spending a lot of time with company, and have abruptly transitioned into a weekend, where I expect to spend a lot of time alone, followed by two weeks of traveling for work. These things make me anxious and then I start thinking about everything I need to get done, and it's easy to slip...

But I am trying not to do that.

Today was an interesting day of working on a side project that has nothing to do with my job or my yoga practice, but is oddly connected to both of those things. Intriguingly enough, I find the combination to be very interesting. And it makes me ask questions about what I could do in the future for my life to make more of my time able to be spent doing projects like this.

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