03 February, 2014

Hard promises

Today was vinyasa home practice (in the hotel) in California.

We had dinner plans after work today with a group of people. It was a lot of fun, and there was plenty of food, and some drinks included. I exercised reasonable moderation, and arrived home without any intoxication, though I did have 2 glasses of wine. That left me with the yoga promise to self, commencing around 10pm. I did about 50 minutes of yoga, and it was actually (once again, I keep surprising myself) a respectable practice, all things considered.

I did find I was a bit vertigous (coining a word) at some points, perhaps alcohol-driven. Or maybe it was from having been on an airplane, messing with my vestibular system.

Not much else to say about this one. I have been laying off the headstands, not out of fear or avoidance, but to let the neck muscles really relax for a bit, before starting over again, with my head in the correct alignment.

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