24 February, 2014

Going all out when you're all in

Today was hotel vinyasa in Munich.

It was a long day. From waking to sleeping, it was 18 hours, of which I spent 14 in the office working. There was nothing going to stop me being productive today. The only breaks were for a walk at lunch, dinner with colleagues and, of course, yoga. I pushed myself so hard today that I ended up falling down some stairs, dropping my phone, and messing up some calendar events on my work schedule. And I also irritated the shoulder blade problem I had a few weeks ago either by falling, or from the headstands I decided to do during my hotel yoga practice, immediately after falling down the stairs.

I don't know what it was today, but I felt all in, and wanted to go all out.

Whereas yesterday's practice was a very deliberate, traditional Baptiste flow, today was "whatever comes to mind" with an emphasis on movement, lots of crescent lunge and warrior poses, very few twists and, as mentioned earlier, back to the headstands again. Probably not the greatest idea, but that's what I was feeling.

It feels good to be motivated. I know what it feels like to be entirely unmotivated too. I know this won't last forever, but I will ride the wave while it persists.

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