16 January, 2014

Wall to wall

Today was vinyasa with Lara.

We had a lot of people in that room today. My estimate was 57. That's be four rows of 14 people each, plus one person in the nook in the corner. That's a lot. Class was difficult, but Lara found a way to make it work with tight quarters. It was hot, but not out of control.

Still feeling good on the mat. Feeling pretty good in life. Wonder what that connection could possibly be, huh?!

I am not sure why my body feels stronger or weaker at various times. Is it something to do with the practice? Or is it an arbitrary rhythm or cycle that I don't understand? There is something psychologically uplifting about being past the "hump" of the shortest days of the year. We are officially on the backswing toward the summer solstice, however far away that may be.

I have been thinking about risk lately, and how to approach it. The context has been around savings and investments, though any words that speak of risking money could equally be applied to any situation in life involving risk. One that comes to mind is "nothing ventured, nothing gained." I have a very strong aversion to the negative outcomes associated with risk. That sounds trivial, but I think I grew up with a stronger aversion than most. I have actually believed that it is better to risk nothing, because you know you lose nothing, or retain that which you currently have. But, for me, the extreme is to the point that I never even stop to assess what it is that I am retaining, and what the true downside would be of losing.

I am rambling.

What I am trying to say is that I am working on being open to taking reasonable risks.

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