15 January, 2014

Strange way to focus, but whatever works

Today was self-guided vinyasa home practice.

I intended to go to Alice's class, but messed up on the schedule, thinking her class started at 7:15 when it was actually 7:00 so ended up staying at home to practice. I decided it would be an interesting day to do an intense home practice, adding variations and upping the level, instead of my typical staying inside the lines approach to self-guided practice. And it ended up being a great practice.

The strangeness came because my housemate came home (which she rarely does) during my practice, and came upstairs to the room where I was doing yoga, and had a one-and-a-half way conversation with me while I practiced. You'd think that would be taking me out of the moment, but I just stayed with the breath, and made a remark here and there. There was also this sense of wanting to do a very serious practice because I knew someone who is not a yogi was watching. Maybe a bit of ego, but definitely, I promise you, coming from a very honest place. Yes. Yes. Of course.

Anyway, as I think the class notes will indicate, I have been feeling pretty strong lately. Who knows why. But I'll take it. Right?

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