13 January, 2014

Special moments when you least expect them

Today was vinyasa with Bill MacDonald at Open Doors.

This, it turns out, is Bill's last Monday night at the studio, as he's shifting his schedule around, and has classes to teach on every other day of the week. Since he only teaches one other day, this is a substantial reduction of his time at the studio. And he has such a dedicated following that this class ended up being a very emotional and sentimental class. There are many in the room who see Bill every Monday. But I only get to see him every few months when I come to town. So I got to participate in this occasion, and it really was special.

The class was similar to Saturday's to a degree, but there were some new twists and turns put into the sequence that made it feel pretty distinct.

There are people who just bring out a certain special magical energy as teachers. Perhaps they don't do it for everyone, but they do it for someone. Though, I suspect there are some teachers who have such charisma that they really do "do it for everyone." I can think of many who are in my life now, or whose classes I have passed through in the two years I have been practicing. I might be tempted to say that I wish I could take only these magical inspirational teachers. But that wouldn't be true. Because one needs to have many experiences to know what is worth keeping. Still, I do feel very fortunate for the ones in my life now. And I miss a few of them who are not in my life as much as they were.

But you know the sayings... nothing is permanent. The practice is in letting go... All that stuff they say.

And there will always be a voice that rings true if you listen for it.

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